Articles I've published

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Some New England Ancestors articles are available only to members of NEHGS. I can send you a copy by email.

New England Ancestors (more to be added soon)
Diaries in Your Family History Research, New England Ancestors, Winter 2002
And to think that I found it on Newbury Street: Treasures from the NEHGS Collections, New England Ancestors, Winter 2005

Genealogical Computing
Looking Again at My Roots, Genealogical Computing, Jan/Feb/Mar 2005
Windows on Your Mac
, Genealogical Computing, Oct/Nov/Dec 2004
PDA Software for Mac Users, Genealogical Computing, Jul/Aug/Sep 2004
Family Web Cards, Genealogical Computing, Apr/May/Jun 2004
Apple Brings Good Things to iLife, Genealogical Computing, Jan/Feb/Mar 2004
File Sharing with PCs, Genealogical Computing, Oct/Nov/Dec 2003

The Ladies in Your Lineage, Ancestry, November/December 2004
The Evolution of Published Genealogies, Ancestry, July/August 2004
The Perspective of Timelines, Ancestry, March/April 2004
Diaries and Letters of Our Ancestors, Ancestry, November/December 2003
Lineage and Hereditary Societies, Ancestry, July/August 2003
Using Eulogies in Your Research, Ancestry, March/April 2003
New England Historic Genealogical Society, Ancestry, September/October 2002
Treasures in Academic Archives, Ancestry, July/August 2002
The Value of Scholarly Journals, Ancestry, March/April 2002
Getting the Most from Public Library Web Sites, Ancestry, November/December 2001

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